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Growing up in a small town, the number one thing my parents gave me was a strong work ethic.  This made me value what was earned from hard work.  When I decided to run for Johnson County Board of Supervisors and in talking with people, I realized this kind of work requires additional help...campaign fundraising.  I do not relish in asking for financial help, but a good campaign requires this support.  I will work hard as a Board of Supervisor to create value for your support and I look forward to hearing from you. 


This is my sincere and genuine ask for your financial support to help fund my campaign for Johnson County Supervisor.  Regardless of the amount you can donate, please know that I value your hard earned contribution and will use it to build a strong campaign.  Thank you in advance for supporting me in this effort. 

We are recruiting help to reach the voters of Johnson County as I run for Supervisor in the June 4th Primary.  Please drop us a note or call, as we would love your help with our campaign efforts!  
Ways you can help include: 

  • Campaign Advocacy 

  • Canvassing (phone or door-to-door)

  • Distributing Media and Campaign Materials

  • Delivering Yard-Signs

  • Encourage Voter Registration! 

Volunteering Group
Giving a Speech


If your group would like a visit, I would be glad to discuss my campaign priorities and listen to your thoughts and concerns!

Please use the 'Contact Us' form and include your event/group details. 

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