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Who I Am

Hello, I am Bob Conrad and I have lived in, worked for, and appreciated Johnson County for almost twenty years now!  Prior to moving here, I spent a decade visiting family in the Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, and the surrounding communities of Johnson County.  Seeing the endless benefits, opportunities and welcoming culture this County has to offer, I realized Johnson County was a place to call my family's home. 

With a young family at the time, a motivating factor of moving here was offering a safe environment, quality education, and diverse opportunities for my children.  I value the supportive and inclusive culture this County has offered my family, and have built invaluable relationships within the community. 


Through hard work, initiative and dedication, the opportunities here are open to everyone.  I have worked hard and taken risks involved in becoming a small business owner in Johnson County, which not only helps provide quality and enjoyable jobs, but also meets growing need of childcare for families in the Corridor.  As an active union director for over 28 years, I have represented front-line workers' interests by fighting to improve employee benefits and safer working environments.  I am proud to serve as the elected Trustee for the past 6 terms to mange, direct, and oversee the retirement account which provides benefits for over 1200 active and retired members. 


Public service has always been at the core of my morals, which led me to my career as an Iowa State Trooper.  Johnson County offers a sense of belongingness that has allowed me to get more involved with public service.  At the county level of government, I served on the Johnson County Planning and Zoning Board and on the Rural Housing Trust Fund.  These opportunities are only a few which have opened my eyes to the needs of Johnson County, and I'm ready to do more for you, the members of this county, through the Johnson County Board of Supervisors. 


I am driven to seek election to the Johnson County Board of Supervisors to protect the fundamental rights each of us has and stimulate economic opportunities in this County.  


A few important issues I look forward to addressing for the people I serve are: affordable housing, public safety in schools and at home, appropriate spending of public funds, and access to quality public services including transportation. 



  • Public Relations Officer - Iowa State Patrol

  • Small Business Owner

  • Project Manager - Development and Construction

  • Union Director - 28 years

  • Peace Officer Retirement Board - Elected Trustee

  • Planning and Zoning Board (past board appt.)

  • Rural Housing Trust Fund (past board appt.)

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Free Lunch Program

  • 100 Men Who Care



Public Administration and Business - BS
Upper Iowa University


Criminal Justice - AS

Des Moines Area Community College

While pursing a college degree in Criminal Justice, I accepted an offer to attend the state police academy before finishing my degree; however, it was essential to me to complete an advanced degree while working full-time.  I attained my BS in Public Administration and Business - fields  in my interests and strengths - which have advanced my career in public service and leadership. 

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